Can I add cocoa powder to my protein shake?

Can I add cocoa powder to my protein shake?

Despite the great results you might get with it, an unflavored protein powder doesn’t taste that good when it’s just mixed with water. One way to make your protein shake more delicious is by adding honey, peanut butter or natural cocoa powder to spice up the taste a bit.

The benefits of adding cocoa powder to protein shakes

If your protein powder is either unflavored or not as strong a flavor as you expected, you might want to add some cocoa powder to it. Aside from giving it a good natural taste, it also brings some fats to the table, especially if you are using a natural dark cocoa powder that is high in fat.

Cocoa powder is rich in polyphenols which are natural antioxidants that reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure. Moreover, regular consumption of cocoa reduces the risk of a heart attack because it improves the levels of nitric oxide in your blood.

Another possible benefit is derived from a study that found out that cocoa might be used to battle depression as it lowers the levels of stress and facilitates the body’s secretion of serotonin which calms our bodies and minds.

How to mix cocoa powder into your protein shake

To add cocoa powder, simply mix it with either water or milk. If the cocoa powder dissolves in room temperature water, you won’t need to heat anything, just mix the liquid together. If your cocoa powder of choice does not dissolve easily into water, heat the liquid beforehand, and mix the cocoa in and after it cools down a bit.

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After the cocoa is mixed in, add the protein to it and shake it up.

Adding other natural sweeteners to protein shakes

In addition to cocoa powder, you can add other natural sweeteners to your protein shakes. This includes honey, peanut butter, or even stevia. Depending on your taste and goals, you might even use a blender to make a smoothie with your protein powder, adding some yogurt and fruits of your choice.

Both honey and peanut butter can be a great addition to any diet. Both substances can be added to a protein shake the same way as cocoa powder.

Honey contains important antioxidants, which lower the blood pressure and also improve cholesterol levels. Consuming peanut butter in moderate amounts is known to aid weight loss and help manage blood sugar levels, as well to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

FAQs about cocoa

Is cocoa better than chocolate?

Cocoa is a more natural and unrefined product, whereas chocolate contains milk and other substances. Raw cocoa products are considered much healthier since they are made out of dried and fermented cacao beans that are less processed. If you are choosing a bar of chocolate, pick one with at least 70% cocoa in it.

Can cocoa be bad for you?

Consuming large amounts of cocoa powder can increase the risk of heart disease and cause you disruptions in your sleep. Cocoa also contains caffeine, which can be bad for your health in higher quantities. If you combine cocoa with a couple cups of coffee you will probably have trouble sleeping. Using it in moderate quantities, however, can prove beneficial to your health.

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Can I add cocoa powder to my protein shake?


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