What protein powder is best for baking?

What protein powder is best for baking?

Lately, there has been quite a noticeable influx of treats and food items that have not traditionally been connected with protein, all of a sudden getting a “protein” makeover. Seeing all of these protein cookies and “muscle brownies” may have you thinking about what protein powder is best for baking.  

The best type of protein powder for baking

The number one protein powder choice to use in baking whey protein. Whey protein is derived from milk and is the most common protein powder on the market, due to its high-quality amino acid profile combined with its low cost. It’s also great for baking!

Whey protein is the winner

Due to its creamy and smooth texture when mixed, some have claimed it has the ability to replace up to 50% of your dry ingredients. However, it’s a good idea to start smaller than that and work your way up as you get used to baking with protein.

Vegan protein powder, on the other hand, can only replace half of what whey powder can.

Using protein powder in your baked goods has two advantages. It adds to the overall protein content and cuts out some of the “bad” ingredients at the same time.

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If you need the best egg protein take a look at our favorite egg protein powders.

Baking with protein powder

You’ll need to take a few things into consideration when baking with protein powder.

Holding your batter together

Make sure you use some type of binder such as eggs to hold your batter or dough together. This will help keep the ingredients together, which is a bit more necessary due to the unconventional protein addition.

Add extra liquids

Second, use a little extra water, or preferably, another moisturizer such as oil or milk. The addition of a moisturizer can help maintain a softer cake or cookie.

Modify baking time

Be conscious about the baking time. Cooking protein too long tends to harden the baking product, even with the addition of a moisturizer. The first time you bake with protein, you may want to start checking after about 10 minutes and progress as necessary, depending on what you’re making.

Your cake won’t last long

When baking a cake with whey, it is best to eat relatively soon after baking. While the texture should be delicious right after baking, the consistency can begin to become less desirable and squishy after some time.  

FAQ about using protein powder to bake

What about vegan proteins?

Soy, pea, and hemp proteins are all vegan proteins that can be used for baking. The most significant difference between them and animal-based proteins will be in the amount of ingredient which can be replaced with protein. Soy can replace up to 25% of flour in a recipe, whereas pea and hemp can replace 15%.

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Vegan protein powders may also change the taste of your baked good a bit more, giving it a bit of an earthy taste.

What are the best protein powder brands to use?

Dymatize Nutrition Elite Gourmet is a good protein powder choice to bake with. Isopure, Naked Whey, and Quest also work well.

Myofusion Probiotic Series is an interesting brand to use as it contains eggs that can also help with the binding of the ingredients.

Does baking protein destroy the nutritional value?

You may have heard this claim before, but it’s not valid. Ask yourself how ordinary white bread has protein in it or how brands sell “protein cookies.” These baked items still have protein, the structure is just a bit different.

What can happen is that baking protein can alter the protein’s chemical structure, which can affect its digestion. So, while it may not be the best choice if you are looking for fast-absorption such as right after a workout, your body will still get all of the protein.

What protein powder is best for baking?

Comments from users about protein and baking

I Use Whey Protein For Baking

For many years, I used to think that whey protein was a boring protein. When I first tried it though, I realized that it is one of the most important building blocks in any kind of bodybuilding regimen. It is a natural protein supplement and works wonders when you take it with an amino acid-based diet plan. If you are looking to increase your muscle mass or gain more strength and size, you need to make sure that you are taking the right kinds of protein supplements.

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The best whey protein I have ever had come from Cytosport. Their whey isolate comes in three different flavors. Their whey concentrate is a great option for those who don’t like the taste of their regular whey. Their whey isolate has only six grams of protein per serving. Their whey isolate is completely natural, which makes it very popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. If you are looking for a protein supplement that can help you build more muscle mass quickly, then Cytosport’s whey isolate will be perfect for you.

The other popular whey protein that you may want to consider is Proactol. This is a brand that sells both whey isolate and whey protein powders. Their whey protein powders can be taken with just water. They have many different protein blends that will give you the protein you need. Proactol also has a wide range of whey based foods to choose from.


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