How much protein should I eat a day to build muscle?

How much protein should I eat a day to build muscle?

How much protein we need in order to gain muscle is one of the most controversial topics in the fitness and health world. In recent years, most amateur athletes tend to strive for 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. For a sedentary person, 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight should be more than enough.

Why do we need so much protein to gain muscle?

Protein is the essential building block that our body uses to form cells, tissues and muscles. Proteins can be found in every cell in your entire body and they are essential to keeping your bodily functions working and active.

Especially when undergoing intense strength or resistance training in your daily life, you will need increased amounts of protein for your body to recover the next day, both in terms of endurance and physically.

Experts suggest that a healthy diet should contain anywhere between 20 % and 30 % of daily calorie intake from protein alone. This means for a 2000-calorie diet, you would need to consume at least 400 calories from protein, or roughly 100 grams of protein at a bare minimum since 1 gram of protein equals 4 calories.

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Eating 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is estimated to be enough for active athletes to maintain or even build muscle. Keeping your protein levels high also means you will most likely feel less hungry and increase your metabolic rate at the same time.

Other benefits of protein

Aside from playing a part in forming every single cell in your body, protein is great for your bones. It aids in bone recovery, decreasing the risk of osteoporosis and fractures in older individuals. Women have a higher risk of osteoporosis after menopause and should pay close attention to the protein in their diets so they don’t hit low levels.

High protein intake has been found to boost your metabolism a lot. A study found out that individuals who consumed around 30% of their calories in a day from protein burned around 200 more calories, compared to others who consumed the same calories, but less protein.

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Questions about consuming the right amount of protein

Can you build muscle without eating a lot of protein?

If you don’t consume protein, your body will be forced to go through a complex process of protein synthesis which requires a lot of other macronutrients. This is very harsh on your liver and might cause permanent damage. Without consuming protein while exercising, you might gain some muscle, but will mostly gain fat and feel very drained of energy during the entire week.

What are the main signs that you are not eating enough protein?

The most common side effects of protein deficiency are skin, nail and hair problems, as well as fatigue, headaches, increased appetite and a greatly increased risk of bone fractures. Aside from that, your metabolic rate will greatly decrease which would lead you to gain unwanted weight.

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What happens if you eat too much protein per day?

Too much is as bad as too little. The most common side effects of excess protein consumption are cardiovascular diseases, dehydration, gas, nausea, headaches, diarrhea and constipation. If you are constantly overdosing on protein, serious risks might occur such as blood vessel disorders, liver injuries, kidney damage and even seizures.

How much protein should I eat a day to build muscle?

User comment about protein and muscles

Build Muscle Mass and Stay Lean With High Protein and Vitamins!

Protein and muscles are an important combination if you’re a bodybuilder or just someone who is trying to stay healthy. There is a popular saying that skinny people have muscles because they eat more, however that’s not completely the case. You see the real reason that muscles grow in people is due to protein intake and this also applies to a diet of protein and vitamins. If you eat more protein than you will be able to produce more lean muscle mass and therefore gain weight as well as looking good. It’s not uncommon for people to gain over 10lbs when they add weight training into their routine.

One of the best ways to have a large amount of high protein and to build muscles quickly is to eat a lot of eggs and steak. Eggs are very high protein and you can consume them in the morning on an empty stomach or after a long day at work or during the night. Steaks are also great to include into your daily routine because of the high protein and carbohydrates. This is one of the only foods on the planet that can provide both of these substances, which is why it is used as a protein sources and a muscle building blocks in a bodybuilder’s diet.

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You don’t need to take special supplements to gain weight and muscles. A proper protein intake along with a workout that works several muscles at once is all you need to do. You don’t even need a protein shake because a simple protein shake can provide your body with all the essential amino acids that it needs to support muscle growth. In fact you may find that a protein shake can be the most important ingredient of any high protein diet.


We all need protein to increases muscle mass and strength. We all need muscles. I have always found molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics interesting, and I really want to understand how nutrients affect us.

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