Why does protein smell so bad?

Why does protein smell so bad?

Protein powder does not smell bad on its own. However, if you put protein in an active environment like water and keep it there for a while, it might start to smell. The reason for that is that bacteria thrive on protein and in water.

This is when protein powder starts to smell

If you leave your protein for more than 24 hours mixed in water, a lot of bacteria will grow and cause it to smell.

How to prevent protein from smelling bad

Protein does not lose its nutritional value over time, but mixing it with water and leaving it like that will cause it to smell bad. It’s a good idea to mix your protein just before you are planning to consume it.

For example, many shaker bottles offer a compartment where you can store your protein powder and later on mix it with water when you are about to drink it.

If your shaker does not contain such a compartment, simply dry the inside of the bottle and let your protein powder rest there, and don’t add any water until the time comes. You could carry another bottle of water with you or use tap water from the gym if needed.

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Another good idea if you want to save time is to mix your protein shake and store it in the fridge. Bacteria develop at a slower pace in a colder environment. Storing your shake for more than 24 hours, however, is not advised as it will probably still begin to smell.

How to get rid of the smell in your shaker bottle

It has happened to everyone. You forget about your shaker bottle and don’t clean it in time. Afterwards, the shaker smells horrible and you have no choice but throw it away or try to clean it in a desperate attempt, ending up in you being late for the gym or wherever you’re going.

If you have only forgotten your shake a day, it’ not too hard to scrub it off with a sponge and some detergent. If you have forgotten it for a longer period of time, mix vinegar with water and pour it into your shaker bottle. Let it rest for a few hours or even overnight and later on wash it off with dish soap.

FAQs about bad protein odors

Why does protein make farts smell bad?

Regardless of the source of protein you are consuming, whether it’s from food or protein powder, microbes in your gut feast on it. Later on, your body produces a gas called hydrogen sulfide, which smells like rotten eggs. In addition, protein does not affect your stomach in a bad way, unless it’s consumed excessively.

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Does protein powder affect body odor?

Protein powder does not affect your body odor. Usually, a sudden change in body odor is a reflection of an underlying health condition. If you feel like you are experiencing a sudden increase in body odor and you have not made any recent changes to your lifestyle like implementing a new diet or exercise regimen, consider visiting a licensed medical practitioner.

How to can I decrease protein farts?

In order to decrease the level of protein farts in your day, consider drinking higher amounts of water, exercising more and eating probiotics or digestive enzymes. Also, try to stay away from dishes that are richly spiced and cooked in too much oil.

Why does protein smell so bad?

User comment about the smell

How Does Protein Smell? – Why Does Protein Smell?

It is quite amazing to know that the most common questions asked by people when it comes to their health are: “Why does protein smell”, “Can you grow taller by consuming more protein”, “what type of foods contain the best protein”, “can I get taller” etc.

This is because there are literally hundreds of different kinds of proteins, so finding the right one can be a little tricky. Protein is actually made up of amino acids, which is then broken down into the various components that make up all of our proteins.

Important components of our body

When they are broken down, each component is different and has its own specific function, for instance, the lysine and arginine are very important for the growth and repair of tissue. These are important components of our body and you definitely do not want to get your protein from something that is not good for you.

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When you are looking for protein to eat in order to increase the height or just to replace some of your lost muscle, it is important to find something that is good for your body and that contains all the necessary nutrients.

As mentioned before, the amino acids are the most important component of any protein. They are the building blocks of everything that makes us human. They also play a huge role in helping our bodies metabolize and use energy.

These are the main substances that we need to survive, but unfortunately, these chemicals are not readily available to us. We need to have a certain amount of these chemicals in our bodies in order for us to function properly.

For the younger guys and girls

When we are younger, this is not much of an issue, as we do not need to worry about these things as much. However, if we go through puberty or during menopause, these are all the time when our bodies start to experience a decline in our production of these substances, making them less available to us.

The only thing that is really useful when trying to understand how does protein smell is a list of all the various types of protein available on the market today. Each one of them has their own unique characteristics, and each one can help improve one’s health and allow for increased height.

The problem is that none of these protein sources are 100% natural and most of them are highly processed. When you are trying to find an ingredient that will increase height, it is very important that you find something that is completely natural and will give you all the nutrients that you need to continue growing.


We all need protein to increases muscle mass and strength. We all need muscles. I have always found molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics interesting, and I really want to understand how nutrients affect us.

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