Can I add protein powder to muffins?

i put protein powder in my muffins

There’s no denying that muffins are an absolutely delicious dessert. However, we can make them a healthier snack or a post-workout treat by adding some protein powder to them.

Protein powder and muffins are a great match

Similar to many baked goods, muffins contain a variety of dry ingredients, with the main ingredient being flour. Fortunately, it’s possible to replace some of the flour in your muffin recipe with protein powder, but there are some general guidelines you must pay attention to.

How much flour can you replace?

Because flour is responsible for the baking properties in baked goods, you can’t replace all of it. A general guideline to follow is to replace no more than 1/3 of the flour in your muffin mix. You can’t just swap the flour for protein powder though.

For every ½ to 1 cup of flour, you should use 1/3 scoop of protein. There is no exact science to this though, so you can experiment with these numbers to see what creates your favorite muffin.

Modifications when baking with protein powder

Protein powder does not bake the same way as flour and can dry up during the baking process. This can cause your treats to come out stale and hard if you do not follow some precautions and modify your baking process.

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The first modification you’ll have to make is to make sure you some type of extra moisturizer to your muffin mix. This could just be some extra oil or milk; however, products like bananas and yogurt are also effective. This just means you get to experiment more!

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Your oven needs to be cooler when baking with protein powder

You will also want to use lower temperatures when baking. A general rule of thumb is to set your oven to 25 degrees cooler than the original recipe calls for. Also, check on your muffins a little bit earlier so that you can monitor the process.

If you have ceramic or stoneware, now is the time to pull them out to use with baking your protein muffins. Stoneware and ceramic are more efficient in maintaining moisture in baked goods.

In short, you can add protein powder to your muffin mix. Doing so can eliminate some of the flour and increase the protein content, turning your dessert into a protein-packed snack. As you can see, there are various alterations you can make, which means more experimentation and more muffins! Keep trying until you find what suits you the best.

FAQs about baking with protein powder

What protein powder is best to use for baking?

Whey protein is used for baking most often, due to its compatibility and availability. It mixes in well with most baked-goods and is easy to adapt to a variety of recipes. Vegan proteins such as soy and pea can also work well.  

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Do protein powder flavors matter?

Flavors always matter! Obviously, individual preferences will play a large role in what you decide tastes good and what doesn’t. That being said, keep the flavors simple until you become more familiar with the effects that protein powder has on taste. Chocolate and vanilla tend to blend in the best as they generally complement the flavor complex well.

Can I add protein powder to muffins?

User comment about muffins and protein powder

I put protein powder in my muffins

Have you ever wondered how I put protein powder into my muffins? Well, I’ll tell you about the way I do it in this article. As an athlete, I know that I need to take protein to help build muscle and keep me healthy so this is where I will discuss how I make my protein into a healthy drink that I can eat with my morning meal.

Mix protein and milk

To start, you want to take your protein powder and mix it up in a shaker bottle. You can either get a good protein shaker bottle or a coffee mug, whichever you find more convenient. Then you want to take a glass of milk and pour some in there, stir it up a bit so it makes a nice frothy drink.

The best thing to do would be to get a mug so you can shake your protein shaker bottle with milk and drink it with a nice mug of milk. You can also mix up some tea with the milk and use it as a drink for the morning. Then drink up your new morning beverage, your protein shake, and enjoy!

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If you are interested in trying this out yourself and getting started on your own protein quest then the best place to learn how to put protein powder into your muffins is to go to the internet and look up “protein shakes and muffins” and you will find lots of great recipes and other information to get you started.

So give this method a try and see what you think! You may even find that you like it better than having your protein shakes shipped right to your door!


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