Can protein shakes help you get a bigger bum?

Can protein shakes help you get a bigger bum?

Getting bigger muscles, in general, relies on a positive calorie intake. Aside from that, you also need to consume at least your recommended daily dose of protein, in order to build muscle. This means that if you are not eating enough protein, protein shakes might help you to get a bigger bum.

What is the best protein powder to get a bigger butt?

Both whey protein powder and casein can yield great results. A blend of both works best since building muscle is a complex task and requires you to both spike glycogen levels and avoid going into a catabolic state.

The anabolic effect of whey protein powder should be used before or after a workout in order to fuel the muscle growth of your glutes. Whereas casein protein should be used between meals or before going to bed, in order to avoid entering a catabolic state.

Avoiding catabolic state, when trying to shape big beautiful legs is of utmost importance. Which means you should consume food around 1 hour before bedtime and avoid going hungry throughout the night.

What to pair protein shakes with to get a bigger bum

It’s just the opposite to what people think – to get a big bum, your diet is more important than exercise. Although one does not go without the other. Focusing to grow your glutes in the gym but not paying close attention to diet might not yield the results you are seeking.

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To get the right amount of muscle and fat to shape the best bum out there, you will need a good amount of protein and a calorie surplus.

You need to include healthy fats and carbs in your diet and also help reduce muscle inflammation by eating vitamins and minerals that essential to building muscle. In addition to adding protein shakes to your diet, there are a wide variety of foods that will help you achieve your dream butt.

Salmon, for example, can be a great addition to your diet. It brings 22 grams of protein per serving and contains good omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce muscle inflammation and aid recovery. Flax seeds, eggs, legumes, quinoa, avocados, milk, and tofu are all great vegetarian foods that can boost your bum’s growth.

Make a shake with egg white protein powder.


What else can I implement into my diet to get a bigger bum?

In addition to avocado, eggs, quinoa and legumes, you can also implement olive oil, cocoa, coconut and fish oil into your foods. These substances are known to lift, tighten the shape and even increase the overall size of your butt. Make sure to pair your healthy diet with exercise and you will get good results in no time.

Can I get a Brazilian butt without getting belly fat?

You can get a Brazilian booty without getting belly fat if you put yourself on a strict diet with a low-calorie surplus up to 15 % of your current daily intake. Aside from that, you would need to implement good exercise, cardio and consume around 25-30 percent of your calories from protein.

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Can protein shakes help you get a bigger bum?


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