Can you put protein powder in soup?

Can you put protein powder in soup?

Soups are a fine addition to a good lunch, and can make a healthy dinner; however, they often lack the protein needed to be considered a separate meal. Protein powder can be added to some soups or cream soups to give you the little extra boost in protein you need to reach that daily intake target.

What are the benefits of adding protein powder in soup?

It might be considered unusual to mix protein powder in a soup, but it is a great way to add some protein to it. Moreover, the protein powder will give your soup a dense feeling and can even add to the taste.

It is recommended to use unflavored protein, as most other flavors might be heavy on artificial sweeteners and can ruin the taste of your soup.

Cream soups are preferred over regular ones, as the protein powder will thicken the liquid even more and usually with cream soups that are already dense you will not be able to tell the difference that much and it will seem natural.

How to add protein powder to a soup

To start you need to choose a cream soup that is not already high in protein. For example, a lentil cream soup is already high in protein, so it’s not a good idea to mix more protein into it, as you’ll just end up with excess protein levels.

  How do you use unflavored protein powder?

Pick a cream soup and cook it the usual way you would. Afterwards, let it cool for 10 minutes and mix with half a scoop of protein per serving. Of course, more protein can be used but that depends on the flavor.

Make sure the soup has cooled a bit, or you might end up with clumps of protein if the liquid is too hot.

It’s also a good idea to just add the powder to the individual servings, rather than to the whole pot of soup. This way if you have leftover soup, it will last longer and not become a strange consistency.

For unflavored proteins, you can add more than half a scoop. However, keep in mind that if you are using vanilla or chocolate flavored protein powders, they have a very distinctive sweet taste and might cause your soup to taste more like a cupcake than an actual soup.

FAQs about protein powder soup

Can adding protein powder to a soup ruin it?

Yes, if you add too much protein powder to a soup, it can ruin it. Moreover, if you are not using an unflavored protein powder, you should be careful on the quantity used as most flavored protein powders use strong sweeteners that are not greatly paired with savory soups.

What other food can you add protein powder to boost your daily intake?

Aside from soup, you can add protein powder to all baked goods, including cupcakes, cakes, as well as pancakes, muffins and even oatmeal. You can add a scoop of protein to your yogurt or oatmeal at night and consume it for breakfast the next day. And, of course, all smoothies can use a scoop of protein powder.

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Does heating protein powder damage it?

Heating protein powder does not damage its nutritional value but might cause the protein to dissolve less easily into a liquid, meaning it can form lumps. Therefore, if you are combining protein with a liquid, make sure it is not boiling hot, because your protein powder will not dissolve completely into the drink, resulting in a less pleasant experience.

Can you put protein powder in soup?

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Soup is also a great meal prep item because it does not take much time to prepare. You can throw the ingredients together and have a delicious and healthy dinner meal in under thirty minutes. This is why soup is an ingredient that many diet plans incorporate into their menus because it provides a quick and easy way to get the nutrients your body needs. If you do not like to cook, or just don’t feel confident preparing the traditional ways that you like to eat, soup is a great option for a great tasting dinner meal.


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