Does baking protein powder affect it?

Does baking protein powder affect it?

Protein powder can be used in a wide variety of foods and recipes from whole grain pizza to pancakes. But does baking it at a high temperature affect the protein in any way?

Do not worry about heating up protein powder

Heating up protein is inevitable when using it in cooking. Regardless of the heat source, high temperatures do not damage or destroy the protein. The simplest explanation is that protein powder is extracted from food, and food does not get damaged when heated up, unless it’s overcooked.

Where does protein powder come from?

To better understand the concept of why protein remains intact under high temperature, let’s look at the ingredients used in producing protein powder.

Casein protein, whey protein, beef protein, soy protein, and all other types of protein powders are simply byproducts of cheese, pasteurized and dehydrated egg whites, soybean, or other high-protein food sources.

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The structure of protein

Protein is composed of 20 amino acids, combined and linked together in peptide chains. Each amino acid serves a different function and the human organism splits them after consumption when digesting protein.

This process is referred to as denaturing the protein. To be more precise the human digestive system does not absorb protein, but it absorbs the amino acids that it is made out of.

Denaturing protein with baking

Baking or cooking protein may denature the protein, but this isn’t a bad thing. Denaturing is the process of splitting the 20 amino acids in the protein’s peptide chain. This is a process that our bodies automatically put the protein through when consumed anyway, in order to extract the maximum out of the amino acids.

The fact that cooking or baking denatures protein is not harmful in any way. The same process happens to eggs, meat, and all sources of food we put in the oven on a regular basis.

Does Protein Powder Lose its Nutritional Value When Cooked?

Protein powder won’t be any less healthy if it’s cooked. Even though it’s structure will change, it will still be just as healthy. If your protein powder contains 130 calories per scoop, its nutritional value would remain exactly the same – still 130 calories after being processed with the other baked goods.

The main difference between baked or cooked protein powder and protein powder mixed in water is the fact that the heat-processed form takes more time to digest. On the other hand, it does not lose any nutritional value and is still the same protein.

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Great Egg protein Powder for baking

There is differences in egg protein powders. Take a look at our best egg white protein list.

Frequently Asked Questions about protein powder

Some people’s stomachs are sensitive to protein powder, does cooking it help prevent stomach cramps?

If you are having trouble with your stomach after a couple of protein shakes a day, consider adding protein to some of your meals. Baked or cooked protein is much gentler and easier for the stomach to digest.

Does cooking protein powder reduce its effectiveness in any way?

Cooking protein powder does not reduce the effectiveness of the macronutrients it consists of. It will still have the same nutritional value and be just as good for your body.

Does freezing protein powder ruin it?

It is also okay to freeze protein powder. The nutrients remain the same even when frozen. It is a good idea, however, to mix protein powder with water before freezing it. You can also add protein powder to a smoothie and then freeze it to make a protein popsicle.

At what temperature does protein powder start to denature?

Protein Powder denatures when heated or cooked above 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is it better to drink protein shakes or add protein powder to meals?

Protein powder is a great universal supplement. You can add it to shakes or meals, but make sure you are also eating a balanced diet with natural sources of protein.

Does baking protein powder affect it?

Comments from users about protein and baking

Why I Bake With Protein Every Week

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After several weeks of reading information on this subject, I realized that I was completely unprepared for the challenges that came along with weight loss from protein. I had heard about the shakes, but I wasn’t really sure if they were the best way to go. They certainly seemed like a quick fix, but there are also plenty of other ways to gain the protein you need to stay healthy. Once I got over my skepticism, I decided that I wanted to take the advice that I had read and tried it for myself.

A daily protein shake was not enough

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