How long are protein shakes good for?

How long are protein shakes good for?

Many people prepare their shakes hours before hitting the gym but are unaware that drinking a shake more than 24 hours after mixing it might not be as effective. Protein powder changes its immunological properties because it becomes much more active when in contact with water molecules.

How long after mixing it can you still drink a protein shake?

Ideally, you would want to consume your shake right after mixing it with water, however, sometimes this is not possible.

If you leave your shake in the shaker for too long it will start to smell bad and taste awful. It is okay to leave it for up to 24 hours, but it is not advisable since your protein will start losing its immunological properties.

The nutrients inside will remain the same, but it might impact your stomach a bit. Protein is made out of food, and you wouldn’t leave your dinner on the table for long periods of time before eating it, right?

If you still need to prepare your shake in advance, either consider putting it in the refrigerator or simply carrying the powder with you and mixing it with water when the time comes. Some shakers even have a separate compartment for this exact purpose.

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It is a good idea to store your protein below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius) if you are not going to consume it in the first two hours after mixing. Protein usually becomes more active when combined with a liquid, especially if the temperature of the environment is warmer. Cooling it down will naturally slow down the process.

Does it matter what protein powder you use?

What happens if you consume protein that’s gone bad?

Generally, nothing serious will occur to you if you consume old protein powder. Worst case scenario you will experience some mild stomach issues. It is, however, inadvisable to consume any dairy products that have been exposed to a temperature of higher than 4 degrees Celsius for longer than 24 hours, as they tend to degrade.

Protein can also denature in warmer environments, which means the amino acids can be split into blocks and your body will absorb them faster. This usually happens when you cook protein in baked goods and it doesn’t affect the nutritional value at all.


How to prepare a protein shake for after working out

If you want to prepare a shake for after your workout ahead of time, simply get a shaker that has a department for the powder and later on just pour water into it and mix. If you do not have such a shaker at your disposal you can dry your usual vessel and pour the dry protein powder into it and mix it with water later on after having worked out.

Can you replace a meal with a protein shake?

Protein powder is a supplement and is not designed to replace meals. It should serve the purpose to supplement your diet with a bit of extra protein for you to be able to reach your daily protein goal based on your calorie intake.

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How many protein shakes can I drink per day?

Most active athletes consume between 1 and 3 protein shakes each day. Everything more than that would be excessive. You should not consume more than 30% of your daily calories from protein. Anything beyond that might cause your body stress and disrupt your normal functions.

How long are protein shakes good for?


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