What are the worst protein powders?

What are the worst protein powders?

Protein powder might be our most beloved supplement but that does not mean all protein powders are great. There are some choices that are plain wrong and can cause you more harm than good when they’re added to your diet. A good example of a bad protein powder is Nature’s Plus Spiritu-tein, which is extremely high in sugar.

The worst protein powders with too much sugar

Protein powders like Nature’s Plus Spiritu-tein contain so much sugar that the amount of carbs per scoop is almost as high as the protein contents. Are you drinking protein powder or carbohydrate powder?

Ensure plus is another protein shake brand that is well known for its high sugar contents, containing only 13 grams of protein and 20 grams of sugar per serving. Most premade protein shakes that do not come in the form of powders have similar contents that you should avoid for the most part.

The worst protein powders with hidden contaminants

Aside from too much sugar, you should keep an eye open for protein powders like Nature Bounty’s Complete Protein, which actually contains fake fiber. Other brands like Adaptogen Science have a lot of trans fats in their protein powders. Since these fats, if consumed on a daily basis, can be harmful, try avoiding such protein powders.

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There are some labels that have become notorious for using controversial artificial sweeteners such as the Ace-K. One of these powders is the TwinLab 100% Whey Fuel.

You should also always check if the product you are buying has passed a safety test on arsenic and chemicals like lead.

Protein powders that contain nothing else

Some protein powders are perfectly safe, but contain almost nothing but protein. Gaspari Nutrition IsoFusion, for example, has a high protein content of 25 grams per scoop but lacks any fats whatsoever and brings only 2 grams of carbs to the table. No fiber, as well.

Both fiber and fat are important for a protein shake. Many high-quality protein powders contain vitamins or minerals, as well as protein, fiber and fat.

FAQs about protein shakes

What is the healthiest protein powder to drink?

One of the healthiest protein powders you can buy is Naked Whey, which is derived from grass-fed cows. This healthy protein powder contains no artificial sweeteners, nor coloring and no stabilizers. It is a version of pure whey protein to fuel your ambitions.

Can protein shakes make you gain fat?

Depending on your lifestyle and calorie intake, protein shakes can make you fat. If you consume more than the needed number of daily calories for your body, you will eventually gain weight, regardless of where the calories come from. If you are drinking excessive protein shakes without working out, the extra calories from protein will add up and be stored as fat by your body.

Are protein shakes safe to drink?

Protein shakes are perfectly safe to drink in a moderate amount of between one and three shakes per day. Of course, this depends on the level of exercise intensity, diet and goals of the athlete. Most amateur gym goers consume one shake per day, usually before or after working out. Protein powders are recommended for use for individuals of over 16 years old since otherwise, their younger people’s bodies don’t have such a big need for protein.

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What are the worst protein powders?

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What i think is the Worst Protein Powder?

You may have run into a blog post or website claiming that whey protein powders are the worst for you. They either contain too much protein or not enough. And, on top of that they taste terrible! So, what’s the truth?

Well, the short answer is that while most protein powders are not bad for you, some are better than others. Whey protein powders from brands like Optimum whey, for example, are said to be the best. But, they are a bit more expensive than other brands, and can cost as much as three to four dollars per serving. If you are a serious bodybuilder or just use protein powder for its intended purpose, you will probably find that this price is well worth it.

The other bad brand that is often cited is Ovo-Lacto, or its short form Overture. It’s been touted as “the worst protein powders in the world”, and even received an award in 2021 from a bodybuilding magazine for that designation. This is mostly due to the fact that the whey it contains (oi-ligoi) is a byproduct of milk. The problem is that it lacks lactic acid, which makes it difficult for your muscles to absorb. And, because it lacks the acid, your workout may be less effective.


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