What can I use instead of protein powder in baking?

What can I use instead of protein powder in baking?

As you are most likely aware, protein powder has become a popular ingredient to replace some of the flour used when baking products. That being said, some people would still like to replace some flour but use something other than protein powder. There are quite a few different options.

We need to remember that flour, which protein powder replaces, is responsible for the rising effect when we bake our treats. Therefore, when we look for a substitute to flour, it must still have similar flour properties. This means that you will most likely find different flours to be your best option when looking for a healthy alternative. 

Almond flour adds protein and vitamin E

Almond flour, along with other nut flours, is a good option. Using almond flour can boost the protein intake of your baked goods, as well as increase healthy fats and Vitamin E.

You will need to add some eggs or another binder, as almond flour does not offer the same structure as flour. You may also find better results with mixing the almond flour with other flours such as wheat flour and/or adding a leavening agent.

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Coconut flour is good for “wet breads”

Coconut flour is another popular choice, but it behaves very differently than all-purpose flour. Like almond flour, you should not use it alone and you’ll need to mix it with other flours and add a binder and leavening agent. Coconut flour tends to work well in “wet breads” such as banana bread.

Chickpea flour binds well

Chickpea flour tends to hold better than other flour alternatives making it a good choice if you don’t want to experiment too much with binding ingredients. One note about chickpea flour is that it can create an “earthy” taste, so choose carefully what recipes you want to use it for.

Oat flour is very versatile

Oat flour is a favorite as it tends to blend with the flavor complex of a wide variety of baked goods. Who doesn’t like oatmeal raisin cookies? Oats also have one of the highest protein contents when compared to other plant proteins.

It does not raise well, so you will definitely need to add a leavening agent. 2.5 teaspoons of baking soda per cup of oat flour is an excellent place to start.

Other options

Other possible flour alternatives come from quinoa, rice, and bean flour. They all have different tastes and specific requirements to make them work in your recipe with the biggest requirements being the inclusion of a binder and leaving agent. Either way, use your imagination as to what flour you think would add to the overall taste complex of the treat you’re making and go for it!

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FAQ about protein powder baking alternatives

Can I use protein powder mixed with other flour alternatives?

You can mix flour alternatives with protein powder, just keep in mind that it will add to the recipe’s complexity. Remember that you should only replace 1/3 of the flour in a recipe with protein mix. Depending on which flour alternative you use, you’ll have to modify to measurements a bit.

What is the best binder?

Eggs are going to be your best bet as they are most often used as a binding agent to hold batters together. Nut butters are another great option as well. Just be mindful that nut butters can add a strong flavor.

Do I need to add anything else to my recipe if I use a flour substitute?

Most of the flours mentioned above are drier than flour, so you will want to add a moisturizer of some sort to them, with oil being the best popular addition.

What can I use instead of protein powder in baking?

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Protein Powder And Baking Go Together – A Great Pair For Your Daily Meal Plan

For people who are serious about their workout, protein powder and baking really do go hand in hand. There are several options that you have for this meal. You can make a full meal out of it or just eat one part of the dish and use the rest for other things.

For example, if you have a baked cake, you can combine the cake batter with some protein powder and bake the cake in the oven, then use the remaining cake batter for other things like icing and toppings. You can also add all kinds of toppings and seasoning to these cakes when you have the best protein-rich foundation down.

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Vegetable protein powder is low in carbohydrates

Just because vegetable protein powder is usually low in carbohydrates, you will still want to adjust the quantities based on your own powder of choice since they absorb liquid more quickly than solid powder does.

If you’re looking for a full meal, you can make a protein shake from a variety of protein bars. The trick here is to get a bar that has enough protein for you, and that has the right combination of vitamins and minerals for you.

This is one of the most popular ways to get protein and lose weight together. There are many different flavors, too, so there’s sure to be something out there to fit any taste or budget.

If you’re looking for something different and something that’s a bit easier to prepare, you might want to try making your own homemade meals. This is a great way to ensure that you’re getting the protein you need every day without the extra calories that can be found in commercialized foods.

Just remember to check labels and ingredients carefully before you make something from scratch. Remember, as long as it contains the proper mix of protein and good carbs, it can be a healthy snack, a meal, or dessert.


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