Why do you have to drink protein shakes within 20 minutes?

Why do you have to drink protein shakes within 20 minutes?

Some protein powders state on their labels “best consumed within 20 minutes of mixing.” But sometimes they forget to explain why.

The main reason to drink your shake right after

The main reason why you should drink protein within 20 min is the immunological properties of the protein would diminish over time after mixing. Fortunately, the properties of the amino acids remain safe and sound.

How long after mixing can you drink protein shakes?

Different protein powders lose their immunological properties at different rates. Despite the recommendations on some labels being 20 minutes, they can actually be consumed up to 48 hours after mixing and still help you build muscle.

Make sure, however, that your protein shakes are properly stored in a fridge or a cold environment because heat plays a major part in ruining our favorite drink.

It’s okay to drink a shake after 24 hours, although it is not advisable. Moreover, speaking about preserving the quality of the ingredients, there is little to no evidence that leaving a shake would downgrade its muscle-building properties.

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Like any other food, however, try to consume your shakes as soon as possible after mixing. After all, protein powders are made from real food, and food also only lasts up to a certain point and becomes inedible over time.

Read about egg protein too: Most go for whey protein, but egg protein might be a good choice for you too.

How to prepare a shake in advance

If you are extremely busy, or not a morning person, you might want to prepare your protein shakes in advance, either before hitting the gym or the night before. In this case, there you have two options.

Either mix your shake and stash it into the fridge for later use or simply pour the powder into your shaker without mixing it with water. If you choose the second option, you’ll have to carry some water with you or fill it in from somewhere after your workout and then mix it.

Some shaker bottles have a separate compartment for this exact reason, you can stash up to two scoops of protein there for later use.

FAQs about protein powder expiration dates

When is the best time to drink protein?

We have all heard that drinking a protein shake after a workout is the most efficient time. Have you ever wondered why? The answer is called protein timing. Training with weights increases the amounts of amino acids delivered to the muscles, so the sooner you consume a shake after working out, the better.

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How long is the expiration date of protein powder?

Different protein powders have different expiry dates printed on their labels. When purchasing a supplement product, it is a great idea to make sure it has at least 12 months of shelf life, before actually paying for it. Since some products are consumed over a longer period than others, a large pack of protein or creatine might actually serve you for longer than a year.

Can expired protein powder hurt you?

If your protein powder smells bad or unusual after you open the package, do not risk consuming it. You could use expired protein powder, but it is not recommended to do so if it is more than two weeks after the expiration date. Whey protein, just like soy or bean protein is made from food sources, and if you usually don’t eat expired food.

Why do you have to drink protein shakes within 20 minutes?

User comment about when to eat or drink protein

How Often To Eat Protein For Your Training and Bodybuilding Needs

How often to eat protein is a question that many people ask. As you probably already know, there are many different types of protein, and all of them have different benefits when used for training and bodybuilding. So which protein is best for you?

Many experts say you should eat it every day as long as possible, but there are other options as well. For instance, some people find it helpful to supplement with whey protein as opposed to eating it on its own.

How to decide how often to eat / drink protein

While there are many different ways to answer the question, there are a few things to keep in mind when deciding how often to eat protein. The first is the type of protein you’re taking.

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Whey protein, which is derived from natural sources such as milk and cheese, is best for those who aren’t going to be eating too many animal products. It’s also considered to be the best type of protein if you’re not a vegetarian or vegan.

There is no way that dairy or eggs could pose any adverse side effects on your body as long as you use it as directed. But again, be sure to read the labels before you make this decision.

The next thing you need to ask yourself when trying to figure out how often to eat protein is whether you’ll be eating meat. Some people eat a lot of red meat. Others prefer to eat a lot of chicken or fish.

If you’re not sure which you like better, it’s recommended that you stick to just one. This way you can get the proper amount of protein for your needs without having to go over the recommended amount for the other type. In general, protein is best consumed twice a day. So if you’re trying to figure out how often to eat protein, it’s best to follow these tips.


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