Is protein powder better with milk or water?

Is protein powder better with milk or water?

Protein shakes are a great supplement in the morning or before and after working out. You can even drink a shake before meals if you feel like it. Two common things to mix your protein powder with are milk or water.

Milk or water? It depends

A milk-based protein shake may taste a bit better and is good if you’re working on bulking up and gaining muscle. It’s a good way to add calories to your diet. Water-based shakes are better if you’re trying to cut down on calories. Water is also easier to digest and very hydrating.

When is mixing protein powder with milk good?

Choosing whether to mix protein with water or milk greatly depends whether you are bulking up or cutting down mass. Protein shakes combined with milk bring more calories to the table and are a better choice for bulking athletes. They are a good way to boost your daily calorie intake if you are short on calories for the day.

In addition, dairy milk is a good source of calcium, potassium and vitamin D. It also provides other bone-building nutrients such as magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and vitamin B12.

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Although mixing protein with milk is more delicious than water, it can be a bad idea for people who are trying to cut down some weight. Another thing to consider here is that milk contains lactose which is a type of sugar found in milk and dairy products that is difficult to digest for most people.

A good option to lower calories while not giving up on a delicious protein milk shake is to purchase skim milk instead of whole, which cuts the calories in half. If you are bulking up, though, whole milk is recommended to boost that daily calorie intake.

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When is it better to mix protein powder with water?

Regardless of what is the liquid that is used to mix with protein powder, a protein shake helps our bodies recover quicker post-workout and nurtures muscle growth.

When mixed with water, though, protein powder is easiest to digest. The great thing about water is that it has no nutritional value and does not increase your calorie intake when consumed. Meaning if your scoop of protein contains 121 calories, when mixed with water it would still contain 121 calories, whereas putting milk into our shakes almost doubles that amount.

In addition, some athletes might get dehydrated after working out, so water will help. Consuming water is essential to leading a healthy lifestyle and is preferred by the body over other liquids.

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FAQs about mixing protein powder

What kinds of milk can you mix with protein powder?

Protein powder can be mixed with all kinds of milk, depending on your choice and preferences. Almond milk is a great alternative to cow’s milk for athletes who want to follow a dairy-free diet or are lactose intolerant. It is also packed with vitamins and is a great source of riboflavin.

Can you mix protein powder with fruit juice?

Protein powder can be mixed with any kind of liquid, fruit juice included – making the shake a good combination of carbohydrates and protein, perfect to accompany your breakfast. Orange juice combines deliciously with vanilla protein. Other combinations might taste funny. Experiment! What matters is reaching your recommended daily protein intake.

Does it matter if you are using flavored or unflavored protein powder?

Generally, unflavored protein powder is more often used in cooking. If you’re drinking it, it tastes better with milk than water. Otherwise it is up to your personal preference to decide what taste and type of protein you are going to consume. Both flavored and unflavored protein powders have the same nutrition value.

Is protein powder better with milk or water?

User comment about milk and water combined with a good protein powder

Should You Use Water Or Milk When Using Whey As A Supplement?

When it comes to taking a quality Whey supplement there are many choices out there and when it came to drinking Whey, there’s been growing debate over whether to mix Whey with water or milk.

There is no reason to add milk, however, when taking whey as a diet supplement you can’t get all the protein and amino acids without drinking water.

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One of the main reasons to only use water when taking protein powder is because whey protein is so dense. If you are trying to drink two cups a day of water, that means you have to drink two full bottles.

With whey, it’s possible to drink four or five extra bottles each day, but not enough to equal one hundred eight ounces of water. This can really get in the way if you have to go to the bathroom too often. Protein powder doesn’t have this problem.

You should drink a lot of water

Another reason to drink water is because whey actually has some sugar in it that you don’t want to consume as sugar. The thing with whey is that it is easily digested quickly.

That means it can be used as a post workout aid and can make it easier for muscles to repair faster after a workout. There is no need to take in any other sugar when using whey as a supplement. Whey protein should be a staple of any weight loss diet. Just make sure to drink enough water so you can enjoy the benefits of whey.


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