Are protein shakes better in the morning or night?

Are protein shakes better in the morning or night?

Protein shakes can be consumed throughout the day, at any time. Although drinking a protein shake before bed can bring some benefits, if you have to choose, it’s better to start your day with a protein shake in the morning instead.

Why is drinking a protein shake in the morning a good idea?

Drinking a protein shake first thing in the morning can help you decrease your overall appetite levels throughout your day. A combination of protein, fat and carbs are in the essence of a healthy breakfast. Unfortunately, most foods that we consume for breakfast, such as fruits or cereal often lack the protein needed to start the day in great shape.

If you are about to work out after having breakfast, make sure you also consume a healthy amount of carbohydrates before hitting the gym, as they are the body’s primary source of energy.

You shouldn’t completely replace your breakfast with a protein shake. Instead, add a shake if your breakfast lacks the needed amount of protein.

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Consuming protein powder in the morning doesn’t have any downsides, but drinking a protein shake before bed might carry some.

I start the day strong with a good egg white protein shake, a piece of bread and som fruit.


What are the pros and cons of drinking protein before bed?

If you are feeling hungry right before bedtime, and you know that consuming a full meal at night isn’t a good idea, a protein shake can come to the rescue. If your protein intake for the day has not reached its goal, it’s not a bad idea to drink a shake before hopping into bed.

Benefits of drinking a protein shake in the evening

  • You are going to get closer to your daily protein intake target.
  • Consuming protein before bed can help you engage your metabolic rate and increase it during the night. This will help you burn calories even while sleeping.
  • It will help prevent muscle protein breakdown and enhance muscle protein synthesis, which are two cycles that our muscles constantly take turns going through.

Cons of drinking a protein shake at night

  • If there is more than a moderate amount of sugar in your protein of choice, it will most likely disrupt your sleeping pattern and keep you awake and excited. It can be harder for some people to fall asleep, even after only 2 grams of sugar consumed near bedtime.
  • Some people might be more sensitive than others when consuming protein on an empty stomach.
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FAQs about protein and sleep

What is the best type of protein to drink before bed?

Although casein is known to be a bit inferior to whey protein in terms of boosting muscle growth, it is the best bedtime protein. The reason is that it is more slowly digested by your body and can keep you sustained for 6-8 hours while you sleep.

How many hours of sleep do you need to build muscle?

Contrary to popular belief, muscles don’t grow when you’re working out, but rather when your body is resting. (During rest days and sleep). Medical specialists recommend trying to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night if your goal is to build muscle. Napping also reduces stress hormones, which prevent muscle growth.

Are protein shakes better in the morning or night?

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What To Eat In The Morning To Get More Protein

Most people who workout know that you need protein in the morning, but how to get enough protein into your diet? There are four guidelines for getting enough protein in the morning; he makes four suggestions: Eat more protein than you would in the evening. Eat one gram of protein for every pound of body weight before you go to bed each night.

Get at least twenty percent of your daily protein intake in your cereal each morning. Get more if you can’t eat eggs. Eat a large amount of protein with your breakfast if you cannot eat an entire egg each day.

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A quick snack with some protein powder

For a quick protein snack, eat yogurt or nuts with some protein powder, milk, or milk with some yogurt. If you cannot handle eggs or are lactose intolerant, eat something else with at least six grams of protein per serving. When trying to find a protein shake for breakfast, take note of how much is in it and add one tablespoon of whey protein powder to each cup.

Get at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight in your workout. The reason for this is because your muscles use up more protein during the workouts when they are tired, and they will use less of it if you’re taking in more at breakfast.

You can get that one gram of protein from egg whites, chicken, fish, and even soy milk. Take your time eating breakfast each day so that you don’t feel hungry at the end of the day.


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