Can I add protein powder to hot milk?

Can I add protein powder to hot milk?

During the hot months, athletes usually enjoy a cold protein shake with ice water or milk, but during the winter that often doesn’t sound as appealing.

A good protein powder in hot milk is great!

Luckily, you can add protein powder to hot milk to get a taste close to a warm hot chocolate. Hot milk protein shakes can also bring great taste and comfort during the colder months.

How to make hot protein shakes with milk

All types of protein are suitable to be mixed with hot milk. Berry-based flavors, chocolate or vanilla will all turn out great. Make sure you mix all the ingredients you would like to add to your shake and blend before adding the hot milk.

Always remember: never to put boiling water or milk into a blender or protein shaker. The pressure will build up and spill out.

Afterwards, pour the ingredients into a separate shaker and add the hot milk to mix together. If you are simply mixing protein and milk, without other ingredients, ensure that the milk is not boiling hot and mix in a shaker.

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For extra taste, you can melt ⅛ of a standard 100-gram chocolate bar in the microwave, half a banana and a quarter cup of oats and anything else you’d like. Almonds, nuts, and peanuts work great with chocolate flavored protein.

Mix the ingredients in a blender, and later mix into the shaker with the hot milk. If the milk is too hot, you can also pour a bit of cold milk or water to adjust the temperature.

How to make protein hot chocolate

For this recipe, you can use both almond milk or regular milk. There are many chocolate protein shake recipes, but this is an extra delicious one.

You’ll need these ingredients:

  • 1 scoop of protein powder (25 grams)
  • 1 cup of milk (or almond milk)
  • ½ cup of water
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • ½ tablespoon vanilla extract (optional), also do not use with vanilla protein

Start by mixing the milk and water together and microwave until the liquid is warm. In a separate bowl, mix the protein powder, vanilla extract and cocoa powder. Regardless of the protein flavor, all protein types mix together with cocoa, milk and vanilla. Add the powder mix to the liquid and stir.

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Eggs in hot milk? If you add protein powder based on egg white.

FAQ about heating protein powder

Does protein powder get damaged when it is heated?

Protein powder does not get damaged when heated. Protein powder is extracted mainly from food sources such as eggs, milk products, soybeans, and beef. These can all be cooked and don’t get damaged by heat.

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What happens to protein when heated is it splits into the amino acids that form it. Our digestive system usually does that on its own, so that’s why it is much easier to eat boiled eggs than raw ones.

Does protein powder mix well with all types of milk?

In addition to water, quality protein powder can mix well in all kinds of milk, including almond milk, cow’s milk, coconut milk, soy milk, and rice milk. It also doesn’t matter how much fat there is in the milk. Generally, protein is more easily digested by human organisms when consumed with a bit of fat.

Are there more calories in a protein milkshake than in a water-based one?

There are always more calories in a milkshake than in a water protein shake. The total calories of your shake amount to the sum of the milk’s calories and the protein powder’s. One cup of cow’s milk with 2% fat has approximately 124 calories, while whole milk brings 148 to the table. Add that to your protein powder’s nutrition value and you get the sum.

Can I add protein powder to hot milk?

User comments regarding milk and protein powder

Milk and Protein Powder – Are They Good for You?

A great way to add protein to your diet is to have hot milk and protein powder. This is because they contain a lot of protein that you need in order to feel the best and for you to maintain the strength of your muscle. Many people who use milk and protein powder say that they are a little bit on the expensive side but then again it would be wise to buy a protein supplement if you’re not using the protein powder or a meal replacement so that you don’t end up getting hungry.

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I like the taste of milk and protein powder

Milk and protein powder are also great for getting into shape. You can either eat them or just use them as a drink to get them into your body fast. One of the best things about milk and protein powder is that they taste good. Therefore, you can just enjoy the flavors that they come in. If you’re not into the taste you can use them in other ways too. You can drink them with your coffee, shake them up with a glass of water and even use them in place of soda pop.

Another advantage of having these types of food is that they are also good for you when it comes to your overall health. Milk and protein powder are a great way to get some protein into your system. Plus, they are also very low in calories so you can get all the nutrients you need from them without having to eat a lot of junk foods.


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