Does protein powder make you fart?

Does protein powder make you fart?

There have been some discussions about whether protein powder makes you fart or not. In reality, it is actually the non-protein components of the powders, mainly lactose, that are to blame for increasing your body’s flatulence. If you are slightly lactose intolerant, many protein powders can make you gassy.

Is protein powder bad for your stomach?

Internal gas constantly forms in your body and on average a person farts between 5 and 15 times each day, depending on their diet. The intestinal gas is a product of two things – the foods you eat and the gas you swallow when eating.

The protein in protein powders does not specifically inflate your stomach nor cause you to fart more. Higher amounts of lactose, however, do just that, especially if you are a lactose intolerant person and have trouble digesting it. Moreover, some protein powders contain sweeteners like sorbitol who also have the same effect on our gut.

Choosing a clean label protein powder without sweeteners or a low amount of lactose might actually solve all of these problems. Experiment with your choice and see what works best for you.

If you are already experiencing the so-called protein farts, consider switching to another protein powder since not all supplement products are created equal. If you are currently consuming a concentrate, try purchasing a whey isolate or a different non-dairy extracted protein altogether – pea or soy.

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How to deal with protein farts?

Although protein, in particular, does not cause farts, it may worsen the smell. If you are experiencing gastrointestinal issues, consider visiting a medical specialist. Moreover, try implementing ginger or peppermint tea to your diet as they are of great help in similar cases.

You should also try cutting gas-inducing foods such as beans, cheese, milk, lentils, and garlic. Eat at a slower pace, since if you swallow more air while eating, your stomach might get inflated faster.

Are protein farts dangerous?

Protein farts are not dangerous and can be considered more of an inconvenience than anything else. People with an irritable bowel syndrome, as well as lactose intolerant consumers, may experience abdominal pain and should switch to a non-dairy protein source.

FAQs about farts

Does eating eggs make you fart?

Eggs do not make most people fart. However, they contain sulfur methionine which makes your farts smell much worse. So be advised not to eat eggs along with fart-inducing foods such as beans or meals that contain a lot of fat.

Why do my farts smell awful?

Fiber-rich foods and sulfur rich foods worsen the overall smell of your farts. Sulfur is usually found in eggs and some vegetables like cauliflower or broccoli. If this is what is causing your flatulence you should simply consider switching to another diet.

Is it unhealthy if your farts are smelly?

It is perfectly normal for your bodily gasses to stink. In most cases that means that you are supplying your body with enough fiber. However, if you are experiencing flatulence more often than most people, you should consider visiting a medical specialist because that might mean that something is off with your digestion or diet.

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Does protein powder make you fart?


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