Should I drink a protein shake before cardio?

Should I drink a protein shake before cardio?

A common misconception exists that doing cardio on an empty stomach burns more fat. However, the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition suggests the opposite. Drinking a protein shake before running or doing cardio actually increases fat loss, compared to training on an empty stomach.

Why does drinking a protein shake before cardio increase fat loss?

Consuming any kind of cleansed protein before working out increases the levels of fat oxidation to a much greater extent than not consuming anything at all.

A recent study tested two groups of men who ran at 60% of reserve heart rate for a duration of half an hour. The first group did not consume anything before working out, whereas the second enjoyed a 25-gram portion of whey protein powder.

The study showed that consuming whey protein or casein protein significantly increased energy use in individuals during intense exercise.

Moreover, protein consumption greatly increases post-workout fat oxidation, where casein protein gave even better results than whey protein powder. In addition, higher protein consumption increases the levels of our metabolic rates, as well as lowers our appetites between meals.

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Your body does not use protein to fuel your cardio, but to build muscles

Another common misconception is that the calories from the protein you consume before working out will go toward fueling your cardio, so you will end up burning less fat than you otherwise would on an empty stomach.

This is far from the real situation. Our bodies use the protein to later repair the damaged muscles after intense exercise, whereas the calories gained are often used for breathing and digestion.

Moreover, protein powders contain important amino acids that aid muscle growth like leucine, and others that serve the purpose of recovering your body from the stress of working out, like glutamine.

FAQs about protein and weight loss

Is casein or whey protein better for weight loss?

Many studies have been conducted and none have conclusively stated that either of these protein sources is better for weight loss. Both whey and casein can be effectively incorporated into your diet in order to both build muscle and lose weight.

Blends of whey and casein exist that help your body get fueled with both long-lasting and anabolic proteins.

What other supplements are good for weight-loss, aside from casein and whey protein powders?

A variety of fat burning products exist, but one of the best options to get a good calorie-burning work-out remains good old caffeine. Aside from that, there are options like Garcinia Cambogia extracts, Hydroxycut, Glucomannan, Green tea, and others. All of these increase fat burn and aim to decrease appetite.

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What are the best fruits to eat for fat burning and weight loss?

The most widely-known fruits to aid fat loss are apples and grapefruits. Both of these increase your metabolic rate, contain few calories and are packed with vitamins and minerals. An entire grapefruit, for example, contains less than 80 calories, whereas apples can give you 30 per fruit. Both of which are almost nothing in terms of calories, which means you are boosting your metabolism at no cost.

Should I drink a protein shake before cardio?

User comment about cardio work out and protein

Taking Protein After Cardio

Hey, guys, this might be my first post so I want to ask is to take protein after cardio or no? I’m a fairly skinny guy and take a couple of shakes every day, but I don’t know about cardio. I know it’s supposed to speed up your metabolism, and give you more energy during the day, but sometimes it’s hard to really feel that much when you do the shakes.

So if I take the protein shakes, will I get the same results as when I eat carbs? It seems to me like the shakes are the best way to go, as they’re more easily absorbed by your body, give you more energy and feel less like you’re eating food. So, what do you think guys?

Great idea to add protein to your diet

It’s always a great idea to add protein to your diet because it can help with muscle building. For example, whey is great for muscle growth because of its amino acids. It can give you the essential amino acids you need to build more muscle and improve your recovery. Protein shakes aren’t recommended for a lot of other reasons.

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Firstly, protein shakes have a lot of empty calories in them and are mostly low in protein. Also, most protein shakes contain sugar which you don’t really need on a day to day basis. Protein shakes don’t help with weight loss as much as they can help you gain weight, so I’d stick to carbs for weight loss purposes and protein for muscle building.

Whey protein is a good choice

If you do decide to add a protein shake to your post-workout meal, you’ll want to do it after your workout. This will give you more protein before your body has time to digest all of it.

Whey is a good choice because it gives you more amino acids faster. It also makes your blood easier to get into after your workout, which means you have more nutrients in your blood for the rest of the day and more energy when you wake up. Also, try and make your protein shake as healthy as possible. Look for organic, non-hydrogenated whey and stay away from processed and fatty oils.


We all need protein to increases muscle mass and strength. We all need muscles. I have always found molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics interesting, and I really want to understand how nutrients affect us.

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