What can I mix with protein powder to make it taste better?

What can I mix with protein powder to make it taste better?

Despite being effective, some protein powders might not taste as expected. Aside from simply mixing protein with water, you can spice up the taste by adding milk, completely mixing a protein shake with milk, or even trying out how different juices combine with the taste.

Mixing protein powder with milk

Protein powder can be mixed with different liquids, with the most common being water and milk. Milk gives protein shakes a thicker taste, much like a milkshake, or even hot chocolate. In addition, milk is quite high in calories, so it’s only preferred if you are bulking up.  If you are simply using milk instead of water because of the taste, skim milk should be your go to, as it contains less calories.

Mixing protein powder with juice

Almost any juice can be mixed with protein powder. A good suggestion here is to look for 100 percent fruit juice, or even vegetable juice. Orange juice mixed with protein powder is a great breakfast kick-start that can give you both the carbs, protein and vitamins needed to start the day with a boost.

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This would give you more than the needed daily allowance of vitamin C, as well as 19 % of folate and 11 % of potassium. Moreover, a cup of orange juice contains approximately 120 calories to help you reach your daily calorie goal.

I like to mix a good Egg White Protein Powder with juice.

Unflavored protein powders usually mix best with fruits, as the tastes do not fight together and mix well. Vanilla protein powder is an exception, as it mixes well with most citrus fruit juices. You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with flavors. In the worst case scenario, you would lose a scoop of protein and a cup of juice, whereas a successful combination might change your day for the better.

Make a protein powder smoothie

Protein powder mixes well with all kinds of liquids, so why not add real fruit to the shake? Blending the powder with water, Greek yoghurt, berries, citrus fruits, or even adding juice to it can work perfectly fine. Look at what you have in your kitchen and go for it.

Bananas work great with chocolate-based protein powders, whereas vanilla is good with citruses. Unflavored protein can be used with all sorts of fruits, vegetables and different kinds of milk.

FAQs about protein powder

What is the best juice to mix with protein?

Orange juice is great in the morning with unflavored or vanilla protein powder, as it combines very well. For chocolate-based protein powders, banana juice or blends bring a fine taste to the table. With unflavored protein all kinds of juices can be used, and the protein mostly gives the juice’s taste a thicker feeling, without altering it too much.

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Is mixing protein with water healthier than other protein shakes?

Contrary to popular belief, water does not make protein get absorbed faster by your body. Milk, however, slows the digestion of protein down. Meaning post-work-out protein shakes should be taken with water more often than with milk.

Milk, juice or other non-water liquids add more calories to the shake, which could hinder your progress losing weight, if that’s your goal.

Can protein shakes replace a meal?

Protein powder is a supplement and is not meant to replace meals. Its primary goal is to aid you and your diet toward reaching your daily protein targets. Whey protein is a great fuel for muscle growth, but should not be considered food. It is always better to lead a balanced diet consisting mostly of actual food.

What can I mix with protein powder to make it taste better?

User commment about how to give your protein powder a better taste

How I Give My Protein Powder a Better Taste

People have always been looking for new ways to give protein powder a better taste. You see, there are many products out there that claim to make the protein powder a little bit more testable, but in reality this is not true.

Most of them do not contain any real ingredients in them and instead just try to take advantage of people who want to use them but can’t afford the prices. For most people, this will not do at all, so here is how you can find out which protein powder you can use without having to worry about giving it a bad taste at all.

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Buy a good protein powder

Protein powder is a powder that has to be mixed with other things in order for it to be effective. The first thing you need to do is make sure that you have the correct protein powder.

If you do not then you can try to use powder that contains some sort of flavor to it in order to make it a bit more taste friendly. This should not really be necessary though because most of the protein powders you are going to buy are going to have no real ingredients in them.

Mix the protein with some real taste

However, if you want to get the best product possible then you will need to mix it with something that has some real taste to it, so you will need to look around until you find something that is not going to give you any trouble.

Another way that you can make the protein powder a little bit better tasting is by using an ice cube to blend it with. This is one of the more popular ways of getting the protein powder a little bit smoother, as you can actually get some of the powder to start melting away.

This is a good idea if you want to get the best product possible, because most of the products out there will actually leave something behind after they have been used. Instead of having something left in your mouth that is bitter and tasteless, try putting some ice cubes in there so that you get a much better taste.


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