What can you add protein powder to?

What can you add protein powder to?

Protein powder is a great way to start off your day, fuel your workout, or have as a post-workout snack. There are many ways you can use protein powder and many meals you can add it to.

Breakfast foods

Regardless of what your preferred breakfast is, whether it’s packed with nutrients or just something light, it would most likely benefit from adding a scoop of protein powder.


There are two ways to add protein powder to your cereal. You can add it directly to your morning cereal, just make sure you put a bit more milk or water in the bowl than you normally would. You can also mix the protein powder with the milk ahead of time, and then add it to the cereal.


While getting your daily dose of fresh vitamins, why not mix in some essential proteins to boost recovery and muscle growth? All you need is a blender and whatever fruits you want to pair with your protein powder.


Despite being one of the most nutritional breakfasts around due to its healthy carbohydrates and fiber, there’s always room to make it even healthier.

Be aware that protein powder will greatly change the texture as it absorbs the water. It’s a good idea to prepare the bowl a few hours before consuming, or the previous night.

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What about adding some good protein powder based on egg whites?

Main meals you can add protein powder to

Unflavored protein works best for regular meals, as it does not alter the taste of the food that much. Be creative, protein can be used as a partial flour substitute, as well as an ingredient to make liquids thicker. It can be added to omelets, baked goods, soups, and can be included in a variety of sauces and toppings.


Pea protein powder or unflavored whey protein is great for pasta-based dishes. Using the protein powder to form a thick sauce with cauliflower or broccoli can also result in a delightful topping for many dishes.

Cream soups

Most cream soups such as corn, tomato, broccoli, mushroom and cheese can use half a scoop to a full scoop of protein powder per serving. Unflavored or pea protein works wonders.


Pizza is a meal that is rich in carbohydrates, but often lacking in protein. You can boost it’s nutritional value by adding protein powder. Either mix it with the flour, replacing one-third of it with protein powder or create a protein powder-based dressing.

Protein powder snacks

Baked goods

Adding protein powder to baked goods such as cookies, bread or pastries is a great idea for increasing your daily protein intake. Protein powder can serve as a complete substitute for flour in some cases and as a partial substitute in other recipes.

Protein bars

There are thousands of recipes for protein bars. You can make oatmeal-based protein bars with oatmeal and things like peanut butter, other nuts and coconut oil. Add protein powder for an extra boost.

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Protein snacks

These are similar to protein bars, just usually in smaller bite-sized forms to easily snack on between meals.

What can you add protein powder to?

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Adding Protein Powder to Your Diet

With protein being a crucial part of many diets, it’s no wonder that we see so many protein powders on the shelves of the grocery store. Protein powder has been a staple diet supplement in the USA for quite some time now. As such many people are finding that they need to add this type of powder to their meals for an extra protein. In other words, this can help keep your diet healthy and in line with what you need to get in order to stay strong and fit. Of course, adding protein to your diet is important, and that is what you should focus on when you are searching for a way to add protein to your food. So, what can you add protein powder to?

Protein powder is great for breakfast

Protein powder is especially low in carbs, so use it in your breakfast cereal, on your cereal in the morning, and in any other food that you are already eating to add some extra goodness. Get creative with your recipes. How about making a protein pancake? Combine some egg whites with some milk and mix them together in a bowl. You can either serve it up with your favorite fruits or milk, or you can serve it up with a salad for a healthy snack. If you are planning to add this type of protein to your food, remember that it will be added along with some fiber, which will keep the rest of your food from becoming too heavy and stodgy. That means that you don’t have to eat the entire meal and still feel full and satisfied.

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So, as you can see, there are a lot of different ways that you can add protein powder to your diet. It is a good addition to your meals because of the amount of protein that it adds. In addition, it is usually low in fat and contains little or no carbohydrates, so you won’t find that it takes a huge chunk out of what you eat. If you add it to your food, you will want to pay special attention to what you are putting into it. Because of the amount of protein that it provides, many people think that they are getting more than they actually are. and that could end up causing some problems.


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