How can I drink protein powder without a blender?

How can I drink protein powder without a blender?

You do not need a blender to drink protein powder. If you have a shaker bottle, simply pour around 200 ml of water into the shaker, throw in a scoop of protein into it, and shake. To achieve a good taste and mixability, check the label of your protein powder, it will advise you on how much water to mix in with a scoop of your protein.

Do you need a blender to make good protein shakes?

You can make good protein shakes without a blender. The only thing you need is either an empty bottle or a protein shaker. Avoid mixing your protein powder with hot liquids as it can’t really dissolve in hot water and you’ll end up with lumps of protein instead of a shake.

If you want to sweeten your shake with healthy natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup or peanut butter, however, you will probably need to use a blender to mix the ingredients together more effectively.

Moreover, if you want to add fruits to make a smoothie, you will also need a blender to do so. There are numerous benefits in combining fruits with protein powder into a shake. Protein powders usually lack the vitamins, minerals and unrefined sugar that fruits contain. All of which are much-needed to an actively training athlete.

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Can you make a protein shake without any equipment?

You can make a protein shake even without a shaker bottle. You simply need an empty water bottle or preferably a bottle with a wider neck so that you can pour in a scoop of protein inside it.

Protein shaker bottles are cheap and some of them contain extra departments, where you can store the protein powder in case you are travelling or want to mix your shake in the gym. Other shakers contain metal spring balls that help you mix the powder better with the liquid.

The nutritional value of the protein does not depend on how well you have mixed it with water and it can even be consumed without water. It won’t taste great and it would probably not be an enjoyable experience, but it is possible. Protein powder can also be added to baked goods if it is used as a partial substitute for flour.

How to put protein powder into baked goods

If you want to boost your protein intake by adding protein powder into baked goods, you should substitute ⅓ of the flour from the recipe with your protein powder and that’s it. Most baked goods like cakes, pancakes, brownies and others can turn out even better than usual.

What are the advantages of using a blender to make a protein shake?

With a blender you can add ice and blend it, meaning you can always get an ice-cold protein shake for hot summer days. Aside from that, you can make smoothies by incorporating fruits into your drink, and also use natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup or peanut butter to improve your shake. You cannot effectively do any of those without a blender.

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What is the best protein powder flavor to use in smoothies?

All protein flavors can be used to make a good smoothie. Chocolate flavored protein powders work great with bananas and berries. Vanilla based protein powders work great with citrus fruits. Unflavored powders do not bring any taste to the table and can be used with anything you like.

How can I drink protein powder without a blender?


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