Is it better to eat protein or carbs before bed?

Is it better to eat protein or carbs before bed?

There is no best food to consume before bed, however, if you are hungry and need to reach your daily calorie intake, the best idea is to combine complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, fruits or whole-grain foods with a rich protein source like cottage cheese or a whey protein shake.

Consuming complex carbohydrates before bed

Complex carbohydrates such as most fruits, whole-grain foods, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, quinoa or others, are a great choice to consume before going to bed since they provide you with a steady source of energy throughout the time you are asleep.

Try to stay away from quick-digesting sugars at night, since they will disrupt your sleeping pattern with a rush of energy and will most likely be stored as fat by your body since you will not make any use of the instant energy burst.

Eating before bed, in general, is not a good idea, since there is a possibility for your metabolism to slow. Usually, your body slows down all functions at night to ensure a good night sleep for you. Consuming foods that are rich in quick simple carbs such as sugar, can make your digestion process harder and lead you to gain unnecessary weight.

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Consuming protein before bed

Consuming protein before bed can have some advantages. It is recommended for you to drink casein protein if you are looking for a pre-bedtime protein shake. Casein is slower to digest than whey protein and can keep your body fueled during the night to avoid entering a catabolic state if you have not eaten hours before going to bed.

There are studies stating that consuming protein shakes before bed might actually increase your metabolic rate but the studies are not conclusive. A downside to that might be the fact that lactose-intolerant people or people with sensitive stomachs might experience some digestive issues if they have consumed a protein shake on an empty stomach before going to bed.

On a general note, it is okay to consume foods rich in protein. Just try to eat at least an hour before going to bed.

How important is it with protein after cardio?

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Are there ways to burn fat while sleeping?

Some studies show that drinking casein protein before going to bed might increase your metabolic rate. Another great assumption is to eat half a serving of cottage cheese before bedtime. Sleeping more is actually preferred to sleeping less in terms of promoting weight loss.

Can you drink more than 2 protein shakes a day?

You can drink anywhere between 1 and 3 protein shakes per day, as long as you do not consume the majority of your protein through shakes. That means you would need to be on a bulking diet, in order to strive for more than 2 shakes. Amateur athletes tend to consume 1 protein shake per day, most often before or after a workout.

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Are prepared protein drinks like Ensure bad?

Most drink-ready protein drinks like Ensure have very bad effects on your body. They are filled with sugar, artificial sweeteners, and stabilizers that you would otherwise not find in healthy products. They can spike your blood pressure and blood sugar, and even cause anxiety.

Is it better to eat protein or carbs before bed?

User comment about when and how much protein to eat

How Many Grams of Protein Should I Eat in a Day?

When it comes to breakfast, I’m all for eating a good balance of carbs, protein and fat. I like to eat a large bowl of eggs, or omelets with a side of toast for breakfast on the weekends. But for building muscle, you’re better off with eating smaller, high quality meals more often throughout the day rather than three or four large ones. If you eat large breakfast breakfasts, your metabolism will jumpstart and burn fat faster, but it also increases your insulin level which is not in your best interest when trying to build muscle. If you want to go the long route and slow your metabolism down, try eating a medium-sized protein shake for about an hour after you’ve eaten your meal.

For example, an egg will give you about twenty grams of protein, eight grams of carbohydrates and two grams of fat. So when I eat protein, I’d eat an egg, another big egg, a pound of chicken breast, a cup of cooked brown rice, four ounces of skim milk, one-fourth cup of chicken broth, a quarter teaspoon of powder mixing, and some low fat or nonfat yogurt. For carbohydrates, you’ll get about twenty grams, four grams of fiber, six grams of complex carbohydrate, and three grams of protein in a medium egg. Obviously, this is just an example and other eggs will vary in these amounts. I’m not an expert on egg yolks, so it’s hard to give an exact number.

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There are a lot of whey powders, multi-grain cereals, corn bran, etc, but I prefer whey protein. I find that whey powder mixes smooth and doesn’t have a lumpy texture. The 20 grams of protein and leucine I get from whey powder is enough to fuel my working muscles after a good workout. And for maintenance purposes, I add another four grams of leucine to my whey protein shake.


We all need protein to increases muscle mass and strength. We all need muscles. I have always found molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics interesting, and I really want to understand how nutrients affect us.

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