What does whey protein do in baking?

What does whey protein do in baking?

Aside from drinking protein shakes, you can make good use of protein powder in cooking baked goods. This is a great way to squeeze in a bit of extra protein and reach your daily target more easily. Protein powder can be used as a partial substitute to flour in most baked goods.

How to use protein powder in baking

One of the most essential things to mention before starting to bake with protein powder is that the more dry ingredients you are using in a recipe, the better protein can be incorporated into it. It is also a good idea to add water or milk so that the protein absorbs it. If you are using other very dry ingredients like oatmeal or nuts, they will also absorb water.

Adding protein to baked goods most often comes in the form of partially substituting flour. The general approach is to find a good recipe you like and substitute ⅓ of the flour in it for protein powder. This works best with unflavored protein powder, but you can experiment and use vanilla or chocolate-based protein flavors.

Using that same technique, protein can be used in pancakes, cupcakes, cakes, muffins, and many other baked goods.

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What happens to protein powder when cooked?

Protein does not lose any nutritional value when exposed to high temperatures. On the other hand, it loses the ability to dissolve into water or liquid, but that isn’t an issue when it is cooked.

Another change that protein undergoes is that it denatures. That means under extreme heat or high temperature the protein molecules break down into amino acids. This is a natural process which usually occurs in our bodies. Denatured protein is actually much easier to absorb for us.

Avoid, however, heating hot liquids and combining them with protein powder. If you want to make a hot chocolate with protein, do not put water and protein in the microwave, heat the water, wait for it to cool down a bit and then mix it with protein.


Can you eat protein powder instead of drinking it?

Protein powder does not need to be dissolved into water in order for it to have nutritional value. Protein powder is protein and the way you consume it is not of big importance to your body. You can make a protein shake, pour it into a smoothie, or use it in baked goods.

What is the best form of protein powder to use in baked goods?

The best protein powder to use when cooking baked goods is unflavored whey protein. The reason for this is that whey protein is a complete protein source and has a quicker effect than other protein powders. Considering the taste, unflavored works best because it does not contrast with any of the other tastes in the recipe.

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Can you completely substitute flour in baked goods with protein?

Some recipes allow that, some do not. If you are looking to completely substitute flour, it is best to search for recipes that completely use protein instead, and don’t attempt to substitute it in other recipes which are entirely flour based.

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What Are the Best Protein and Baking Powder to Use?

Protein and baking mix is the way to go for those looking for a great tasting breakfast food. When I was in the hospital recently I asked my husband what he used to make a great meal, and surprisingly he used a protein and baking mix. So I went ahead and got some of his mix (which by the way he calls “The Baked Buffalo”), and boy did my health see a huge boost! Before I knew it I was bouncing back on my feet and totally recovered from my “short little bout” of pneumonia.

The whey protein powder that my husband used has really helped me out as well. I normally would have used a whey protein shake, but with the large quantity of protein powder, it is so fast and easy to use. And if you are in a pinch or need a little extra boost, mixing the protein powder into a glass of water can get you back on track. Another great thing about the whey protein powder is that you don’t have to add any extra liquid to it; it is simply a protein powder.

The protein concentration in these packets is very good, I’ve never had any problems with it. The only suggestion from German Med Spa’s perspective would be to mix in less protein, so the consistency is a little more cakey. The flavor doesn’t vary much either, and while the taste is not great, it is not awful, just slightly more average than the stuff I buy in stores. In conclusion, I highly recommend checking out the German Med Spa’s stuff, as I haven’t found anything else like it, and the price is excellent. I would suggest trying some before you buy, and seeing if you have any adverse reactions.

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